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Every business person knows the importance of being able to present a fair and accurate valuation of their business. It is particularly important when attempting to sell a business. Proper business valuation is the single most useful piece of finacial information about any business. It has many purposes and can be used to:

  • Prove the Fair Market Value for your business.
  • Provide information to lending institutions for a business loan.
  • Create a Buy /Sell plan.
  • To determine the value of assets and liabilities.

A business owner must be prepared to defend thier opinion of value. A potential buyer should place little credibility in a value, arrived at, by the owners of a business. Therefore, a professional valuation would become the best tool usable to obtain maximum selling price.

Central Coast Business Brokers depth of experience coupled with their knowledge of valuation will result in an expert opinion of value. Central Coast Business Brokers has valued and sold virtually every type of business.

This wide range of experience provides us with an unparalleled knowledge of the business opportunities market.